Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Next 11 Best Songs By The Killers

I've never been of a fan of greatest hits packages.  Ironic, huh?  The problem is most greatest hits packages are never a truly accurate collection of a band's best songs.  Most of the times, they are just a collection of a band's singles.  That's not greatest hits, that's just songs picked for radio promotion.  And "greatest"... that implies that these songs are the best songs of the songs that were picked for radio play.  That means a band would have to have dozens of hits in order to select the greatest ones. And who's to say that they are all hits?  Once a band is past their creative peak, most of their radio songs fail miserably, which would be the opposite of hit.  I'd love to see a label put out a collection of "Greatest Misses," underrated songs that flopped.  That would actually be interesting.  Many bands' best songs are hits...but great bands always have a collection of songs just under the skin that are on par with the best of their hits.

Here are the Next 11 Best Songs By The Killers:
  1. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (Hot Fuss)
  2. Bones (Sam's Town)
  3. Bling (Sam's Town)
  4. A Matter of Time (Battle Born)
  5. On Top (Hot Fuss)
  6. Deadlines And Commitments (Battle Born)
  7. Losing Touch (Day & Age)
  8. Under The Gun (Somebody Told Me)
  9. Sam's Town (Sam's Town)
  10. Shadowplay (Sawdust)
  11. All The Pretty Faces (When You Were Young)
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kenzkenz said...

I love the killers! These are great songs! I actually just set up my own music blog and was wondering if maybe you guys had any tips