Friday, November 08, 2013

The Unknown: The Colaars

As a music blogger, you get tons of submissions from bands requesting you present their music to the world.  That's one of the main reasons I have an "unknown" section.  It's hard to sift through a lot of the material and find good stuff.  I have neglected it.  So starting today and over the weekend and next week, I would like to present some of the best submissions I've received these past few months.

Up first, all the way from the freaking Ukraine is the indie rock band, Colaars.  Isn't amazing how easy it is to get a submission from the other side of the planet?  This wouldn't have been possible 20 years ago.  Now it's normal...and it is to our benefit.  These guys have been tearing up Europe since 2010 and their music is slowly making its way over to the states.  With the driving force of Modest Mouse, the ambiance of U2 and the complexity of Explosions in the Sky, Colaars is an energetic kick in the pants of the post-punk, post-rock hole-in-the-wall club circuit.  They're the kind of band you expect to open for a headliner and would end up blowing the headliner out of the water.  They're the kind of band who you would stumble upon at a club, who would draw you in and leave you sweating by the end of their set.  They're the band that would be ringing in your ears the next morning with that feeling of wanting more.  I've said my go listen to these guys for yourself.  

You can download their EP Wood Arsenal here.  Be sure to give them some Facebook love.  And check them out on tour in Europe in 2014 in support of their upcoming full-length album.

Vanya - guitar / back vocals

Bogdan - bass / back vocals

Eugene - drums

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