Monday, November 18, 2013

The Unknown: The Visitors

The Visitors conclude our blog's salute to a handful of stellar up-and-coming unknown bands.

Off the streets of New York, this quartet is a drag-down, cranked-up, surly bunch of croonsters unleashing their inner Julian Casablancas while swaggering like Simon Le Bon.  They're the kind of band you'd imagine playing in the basement of speakeasy, where Tony Soprano, Ray Luca, Jessica Rabbit, and Barry Manilow discuss music and fashion.  A place so thick with cigarette smoke, you can't even see the band, their music beckons from some far off corner where it is just loud enough to serenade to your evening, but quiet enough to create a mood-setting audio curtain that encompasses you like a warm blanket. The rumor is the band are all ex-convicts living under false identities to protect themselves from the Feds, the criminals, and any scorned lovers.  They play like they have something to hide, and they're enjoying every minute of it.

Their debut EP drops on Dec. 1st.  But get a sneak peak...right now.

Check them out:

ig @thevisitorsmusic


Jason Forman: Vox/Guitar
Jeremy Arambulo:  Bass/Vox
Joe Zizzo: Drums
Cameron Keym: Keys/Guitar

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