Monday, November 11, 2013

The Unknown: SchnarffSchnarff

Moving forward with Unknown week, let's stick with the international theme and check in with SchnarffSchnarff from Glasgow.  This working man's European rock outfit howls with the spirit of Springsteen and wails with the grit of Grohl.  The guitars hum with a forceful bounce right out the Sleater-Kinney playbook while drums pick up the groove with a Black Keys swagger.  These guys may come from the other side of the pond but they bare their souls like they've spent their lives in Heartland of America, working 16-hours days, scrubbing their fingers to the bone, just to eke out enough money to keep their electricity on for one more day.  There's a sense of true struggle that cries for attention underneath the crash and tumble.  These guys don't just deserve a listen...they demand it.

A European tour is in the works.

Here's an MP3 of their song "Urrrgh"

Check out their video for their lead single "Urrrgh":

More SchnarffSchnarff goodness as Soundcloud:
Band Details:

Vocalist - Myles Bonnar
Guitarist 1 - Andrew Maclean
Guitarist 2 - Richard Douglas
Bassist - Brian Farguhar
Drums - Jaamie Douglas

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