Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Unknown: Off Orbit

There's been a huge resurgence of the blues appreciation this past decade.  While the White Stripes and Black Keys stole much of the lime light with their blues-turned up to 11, traditional blues took a back seat.  Off Orbit is a pure blues rock band out of Miami, Florida.  While many blues rock bands before them like the Black Crowes or even the Stones were noticeably influenced by the blues greats, Off Orbit truly tries to harness the power of the BB Kings, the Stevie Ray Vaughns and the John Lee Hookers in their music.  There's struggle in their songs.  There's a fight that can only be found in a blue collar bar band that plays their heart out every night to the one regular who's drowning himself in a beer in the back of the bar.  The Beatles started this way, too, look where it got them.  Absorbing the atmosphere of the Latin culture of Florida, Off Orbit adds their own touch of flair to a grimy genre.  Their guitars sizzle with style backed by a rhythm section that provides a punch of disco soul.  When it all comes together there's a psychedelic vibe shaking the songs from the inside, with Moises' lead vocals as our humble guide.  If all the records in a vinyl shop climbed off the shelves and had a party when we all went to sleep, it might sound something like this.

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