Monday, June 19, 2006

THE BAD: Grandaddy - Just Like The Fambly Cat

Very seldom do bands announce they are breaking up before releasing a long anticipated album. But then again, Grandaddy was never one to go with the grain. Maybe it's all the pesticides they've inhaled living in the central valley, or maybe they've just tangled their beards together too often, but whatever the cause...the time for the band to go away is now. The spirit that made them darlings of the indie press is long gone. Instead we something of an album of half-finished concepts for songs. They definitely have the Grandaddy sound but none of the direction. You would expect them to go out with a bang, instead the album peters out with more of whimper.

Just Like The Fambly Cat

  1. What Happened… - Intro song is begging to skipped.
  2. Jeez Louise – The Modesto boys have never rocked this hard, you think this is a sign of good things to come. You’d be wrong.
  3. Summer…It’s Gone – The Grandaddy sound has matured and is now ready to drink.
  4. Oxygen/Aux Send – This instrumental feels like it’s warning me of something…
  5. Rear View Mirror – Solid Grandaddy sound except it really goes nowhere. It just kind of repeats itself. Gets tedious fast.
  6. The Animal World – A song that feels like it could have been at home on the Sophtware Slump, although it would have more than likely been a b-side from that album.
  7. Skateboarding Saves Me Twice – Let’s go rollerskate down to the drugstore for a milkshake!!!
  8. Where I’m Anymore – The chorus is “meow meow meow.” Are you shitting me?
  9. 50% - A punk rock song? Please, don’t insult me.
  10. Guide Down Tonight – The last hint at a good song only at 6:30, it doesn’t know when to quit.
  11. Elevate Myself – Remember when Casio keyboards were for amateurs???
  12. Campershell Dreams – I think the singer is having sex with his own voice, is that even possible?
  13. Disconnecty – Another attempt at a rock song that makes you realize lightning doesn’t strike twice.
  14. This How It Always Starts – A very sultry warmed vibe that floats through my headphones then just sits there and sits there and sits….yawn…
  15. Shangri- La – Woo-hoo, it’s over.
How it compares...

1. Sumday - B+
2. The Sophtware Slump - B
3. Under The Western Freeway - C+
4. Just Like The Fambly Cat - C-
5. Excerpts From Todd Zilla - C-
6. A Pretty Mess - C-
7. Concrete Dunes - D

The music is here -

1. Wonder Why in L.A.
2. Wives of Farmers
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