Thursday, June 29, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Best Bands Listened to By Kids Who Wear Black Clothes

Every high school has them. Sometimes they are in drama. Sometimes they partake in nothing but smoking cigarettes behind the janitor's locker room. Sometimes they are smart kids. Sometimes they are deliquents. Sometimes they are all the above. Call them what you want, goth rockers, drama geeks, suicide fan club; regardless of their tag, they are the same everywhere: dressed in nothing but black clothes and sporting dyed-black hair. They snub their nose at the establishment and refuse to attend any school functions, especially homecoming. Although, they do attend prom (haven't figured that one out yet). The 80s were the first generation to see this school group form in its halls. They were ridiculed for the clothes they wore and the music they listened to. Ironically, they were ridiculed by people who thought music like Winger, Warrant, and Posion were cool. Who looks dumb now?

Here's the top 11 bands from that era.

  1. The Cure
  2. Joy Division
  3. Depeche Mode
  4. The Bauhaus
  5. Sisters of Mercy
  6. Cocteau Twins
  7. Love and Rockets
  8. Siouxsie and the Banshees
  9. Nitzer Ebb
  10. Clan of Xymox
  11. Killing Joke
1. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - The Cure - MTV Unplugged

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