Friday, June 23, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Best Unreleased Nirvana Songs

When the Nirvana rare tracks box set was released, it quenched the appetites of many fans. Me among them. But for the true hardcore fan, this wasn't everything. There are known songs out there that have been rumored for years. Some have made the internet run being downloaded faster than the new Paris Hilton single. Others have this day, unheard. So what are the Nirvana boys (and Courtney Love) waiting for? Who knows? Maybe for the dollar to go up from inflation...that would be my guess. But until then here are the 11 most wanted Unreleased Nirvana songs.

Unreleased Nirvana Songs

  1. Lullaby (In Utero outtake)
  2. Talk To Me (pre-Nevermind track)
  3. My Best Friend’s Girl (live)
  4. My Sharona (live)
  5. Seasons in the Sun (pre-In Utero cover)
  6. Bambi Slaughter
  7. Buffy’s Pregnant
  8. Laminated Effect
  9. Sound of Dentage
  10. Fortunate Son (acoustic radio performance)
  11. The Money Will Roll Right In
and for those Mp3 hounds...

1. Divine and Bright - Earth (Kurt Cobain on vocals)

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