Tuesday, June 20, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Best Grandaddy Songs

They are gone but not forgotten. Well, maybe some people have forgotten them. But if you're thinking about being nostalgic about the first half of the 00s, then here's a look back at the best songs from one of the darlings of that era.

Best Grandaddy Songs

  1. El Caminos In The West (From Sumday)
  2. Revolution (from I Am Sam Sdtk.)
  3. Nature Anthem (Single)
  4. The Crystal Lake (From The Sophtware Slump)
  5. He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot (From The Sophtware Slump)
  6. Summer…It’s Gone (From Famibly Cat)
  7. Our Dying Brains (B-Side)
  8. I’m On Standby (From Sumday)
  9. AM 180 (From Under The Western Freeway)
  10. The Group Who Couldn’t Say (From Sumday)
  11. Wives of Farmers (B-Side)

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