Wednesday, June 07, 2006

THE ELEVEN : Best Canadian Rock Bands

They may only have one album to speak for...but it's a doozy. As Arcade Fire barrels onto this list at #4...
  1. Rush
  2. Neil Young
  3. The Band
  4. The Arcade Fire
  5. The Tragically Hip
  6. Hot Hot Heat
  7. Godspeed You Black Emperor
  8. Blue Rodeo
  9. The Guess Who
  10. Sloan
  11. Sum 41


I am . . . Andy Harding said...

You stupid cunt. Neil Young is not a band!

Think about it - you stinking fucker!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, at last a mention of RUSH.

Isra said...

I toootally agree with The Arcade Fire, but IMHO, you should include here those guys from Broken Social Scene

Mototza said...

I agree with Rush but you forgot Three Days Grace! lol