Tuesday, June 06, 2006

THE UNKNOWN: The Arcade Fire E.P.

The Arcade Fire isn’t an unknown band but their first EP may fall in that category. Before they wowed the music snob intelligentsia with their upbeat Talking Heads-splashed funeral parades, they were still exploring their off-beat yet quirky sound. This EP isn’t for everyone. It’s a great find for fans of The Arcade Fire and music snobs who are too good to listen to music that mainstream music snobs listen to. But if you're intrigued, what you will find is a solid collection of songs that would lay the foundation for the music that lies ahead.

The Arcade Fire E.P.

  1. Old Flame – Sounds like Rebellion (Lies) without the get-up and go.
  2. I’m Sleeping In A Submarine – Sounds like Une Anees without the focus.
  3. The Woodlands National Anthem – Sounds like Haiti without the emotion.
  4. My Heart Is An Apple – Sounds like In The Backseat without any scope.
  5. Headlights Look Like Diamonds – Sounds like Neighborhood #1 without the energy.
  6. Vampire/Forest Fire – Sounds like Neighborhood #4 without the depth.
  7. No Cars Go – Sounds like Neighborhood #2 without everything listed above.

How It compares….

1. Funeral – B+

2. Arcade Fire EP – C-

For your listening pleasure...

1. Headlights Look Like Diamonds


CDConnection: Arcade Fire E.P.


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