Monday, June 12, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Sickly Rock Stars

Just because they are rich and famous and can have any woman they desire, that doesn't mean their lives are easy. Maybe just easier. Not all of them can be in perfect health like Nick Lachey. So here are the most famous rock stars and their afflictions.

Disabled Rock Stars

  1. Ray Charles (blind)
  2. Stevie Wonder (blind)
  3. Joni Mitchel (polio)
  4. Jerry Garcia (missing finger)
  5. Neil Young (epilepsy, polio)
  6. Ian Curtis (epilepsy)
  7. Curtis Mayfield (quadriplegic)
  8. Rick Allen (missing arm)
  9. Adrock (epileptic)
  10. Slick Rick (missing an eye)
  11. Thom Yorke (lazy eye)

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