Tuesday, June 27, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Most Anticipated CD Releases

This summer has sucked as far as music goes. No, not everything is bad...but not until late July is there anything worth (Thom Yorke & Pharrell) getting excited about. If the record labels actually think I'd be dancing in the streets over Nelly Furtado or Dashboard Confessional, then they need to hire new interns in order to take a pulse about what customers are looking forward to. But that would mean they would actually have to know what they were doing...and that's a big stretch for an industry whose existance purely relies on the success of someone other than themselves.

So message to the record labels...light a fire under the butts of these bands to get some wanted music out there.

Most Anticipated Album Releases

  1. Guns N Roses – Chinese Democracy (15 years in the making - no other album has ever gained so much mystery about it. The release, which seemed around the corner, is now being pushed to fall 2007. And we'll be lucky to see it then)
  2. Dr. Dre – Detox (Dr. Dre has never put a deadline on this release but it's now been 7 years since the Chronic 2001, the exact same amount of time between his first two albums. No word on the street about recording of any sort...but we should see this one before Axl's opus)
  3. Q-Tip – Kamaal The Abstract/Open (Two incredible groundbreaking albums from one of the founders of A Tribe Called Quest. Both albums are examples about how little the music industry understands its own industry. Release these albums now!!! Didn't you learn anything from the Fiona Apple fiasco? We'll probably see A Tribe Called Quest solo album first)
  4. Lauryn Hill – Solo Release/Fugee Reunion (after her stunning solo debut the world waited for a legit follow-up. We got an MTV unplugged album instead. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that great either. Though a Fugee reunion seems more likely at this point, it'll at least be a decent substitute.)
  5. Zack de la Rocha – solo album (As Audioslave is readying to release their 3rd album, the lead singer is still pounding away on his first release. 2 solid songs have been released in the waiting period but we're pushing on 7 years since the last Rage album and a couple of internet singles just aren't cutting it.)
  6. Van Halen – The Sammy Hagar tour re-fueled desire to hear some new Van Halen tunes. Only issue, who's the singer? Since they don't even have one, a release is years away. But at this point, unless Roth or Hagar return to vocal duties, it's doubtful an actual release will make any waves.
  7. The Killers – The hottest band in alternative music is currently putting together their sophomore release. Will it sink or swim? The weight of the future of alternative music may rest on their shoulders.
  8. Linkin Park - Drowned in lawsuits, the recording of the new was delayed more than it should have been. But at least the boys in the band respected the fans enough to throw out some inbetween releases (Live in Texas & Collision Course) to keep everyone happy. Almost 4 years since Meteora, the band is due and the expectations are going to be high.
  9. Bob Dylan – Modern Times (A release date is now set. But a Dylan release is always one to get excited about. Pushing 70, the guy still is at the top of his game. May we all be so lucky.)
  10. Smashing Pumpkins – reunion album (It's not official but it seems likely. Zwan was a fan favorite but never got the footing to survive. The solo album was just embarrassing. This really is Billy's best option.)
  11. NWA - Reunion album (It won't happen. The two tracks four years ago are the closest we'll ever come to new material. But it's worth the dream. Cube, Dre, Ren, and Snoop together with guest sposts from 50, Em, and Game. It could the greatest hip-hop album of all time, which ensures it will never happen.)
1. Q-Tip - Feelin' (From Kamaal The Abstract)

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